XF 1.5 2FA - must enable message


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How can I prevent this message from being shown to users when they log in?

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I signed in using a few test accounts and I got this "You must" message displayed to me. I don't want to enable 2FA, so I had to log out and then log back in. I assume this message will be periodically displayed to users upon log in, I want users to be able to log in without getting a message that appears to force 2FA on them before they can continue, so how do I prevent that from happening?

"Require two-step verification" is set to "Not set (No)" for all users/user groups.

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Besides the user group permission and requiring two step verification, there should be no required activation or message.


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It shows as "No" there as well.

It happened with a couple of test accounts last night, it hasn't shown up again for them yet, that's why I assumed it must happen periodically. I'll just have to wait and see if it happens again because there isn't any steps to recreate it, I just signed in and got that message. So I logged out, then logged back in again and the message was gone. The problem for me is, if other users get that message, I'm not going to know about it and they will think that they "must enable it to continue".

Which templates contain anything to do with 2fa? I'll remove/redirect them if I can

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This isn't something you can trigger via a template. I don't see any reason why this would ever be triggered temporarily. It is always triggered if 2FA is disabled for the user and they have the permission set to require it.

Is this something you can reproduce with any consistency? I'd need to be able to reproduce it myself to do any debugging.


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Unfortunately no, I don't know of any steps to recreate it, I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary, I was testing some styling changes, so I logged in to one test account and received that message, so I decided to check another test account and I received that message there as well. I hadn't logged into these accounts since before upgrading to 1.5, so I don't know if it's anything to do with the upgrading? Other than upgrading, nothing has been changed, so I really can't think of anything else that might help, sorry dude.

I found these templates and I've redirected them using some js, so hopefully, even if users do get that message, they should just be redirected the home page if they try to proceed.