XF 1.5 2FA is giving me FITS!


OK, I posted in the addon thread about troubles with 2FA. I'm no longer asking to remove it but do want the option to disable, specially now as I beta test a big site move as I'm constantly having to put a new darn code in as I shift from one test login to an admin login etc.

I've disabled the 2FA in the user, the group, everywhere and anywhere I can....even did this:
However despite this information:
I am still required to use 2FA every time I log in darn nere.



Update: Perhaps all the permissions in the world don't change a thing if I don't disable the 2FA as the user? If that's the case I've sorta solved the problem but it seems to me that if I've disabled it then it shouldn't matter what the user chooses. Am I wrong?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
The permission is all about forcing them to enable it. If the permission is set to not set/never then they can still enable it if they want to.