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My site - 2BCProductions

This has been a long process getting this site up and running. I started brainstorming ideas back in July of last year. I eventually came across Xenforo and I thought it would be a perfect match. I want to thank @Brogan & the rest of the Xenforo team for this software, support, and making this process as easy as possible.

My brother and myself have a youtube channel with over 160k subs and I thought it would be a great idea to make a website to strengthen our business and help build the community. We focus on gaming videos, with an emphasis on NHL. https://www.youtube.com/user/2BCProductions2BC/featured

My website background:

I wanted an awesome background to go along with our hockey theme. I found Brian Allen on the web and was in awe of his work. I hired him to create my background and couldn't be happier. I highly recommend using him if you need a logo, artwork, etc for every application. http://www.flylanddesigns.com/

I thought it would be neat to show the stages of development:

Initial sketches. Idea is hockey players fighting around content area.

2014-11-12 - Website Background 72 dpi.jpg

More detail and lines are drawn.
2014-11-28 - Web background.jpg

Finished background with color and all.
2BC New Background.jpg

The finished background is set on scrolling and the blue ice fades in the blue background I have set on the page.

Add-ons I am using:

I want to give a big thanks to @Russ. He designed my style and did an awesome job. He also assisted me tremendously in setting up ads, making CSS changes, etc. If you need a style done @Russ is the man.

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Digital Doctor

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It says in the About section at the bottom "2BC stands for 2 Brothers Collide" ;)
I looked fairly well and found nothing.

Here was my first timer experience.
- hockey site with xenforo .. cool.
- what the hell does 2BC stand for ? Is this a Vancouver, BC Canucks site ?
- Is this a general chat site ? Why subforums for Video game Consoles but not hockey teams ?

Don't display the Video Game subforums on the forum home.
or get rid of them ?

It will be hard for people to remember your URL. Especially because 2BC and hockey have no connection.
Displaying that 2BC = Two brothers collide could help that a bit.
It definitely needs more prominent explaining.

Maybe put the 2BC words here ?
I looked fairly well and found nothing.
I found it in seconds by looking at the About section at the bottom of the page:

We are 2BCProductions, Johnny Superbman & The Great Domski. We started back in 2011 making videos of all kinds out of a passion for gaming and entertainment. We are brothers living in Canada, and the '2BC' stands for 'Two Brothers Collide'. As Johnny says best, "How's it going BOYS!"

Digital Doctor

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I found it in seconds by looking at the About section at the bottom of the page:
Yea. I saw it on the FAQ too

FWIW, 2BCproductions sounds like a BC film making company, not a Hockey Forum.

You dont need a great URL to have a good site, but it can help.

I really like your Home Page with the Featured threads. The Tips section seems like it will be useful.

Content ideas:
- Get Bob's Xenforo Article addon when complete.
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Digital Doctor

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It's the name of their YouTube channel, so it would make sense to also be their URL.
I'm giving you the raw first time visitor viewpoint.
I'm pretty sure 99.99% of google traffic won't know the brothers have a YouTube channel too.

It is easy to overcome a bad URL with good content.
But good content is very time consuming. Most sites do not end up creating good content.

If your goal is to run the biggest most successful hockey forum you can .... I'm not sure the URL you have chosen is ideal.
I, of course, don't know what your plans are.

Digital Doctor

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Wow. Great YouTube channel.
I thought this was supposed to be a hockey forum !
It's clearly more of a "Home Base" for the very successful YouTube channel.

So I'll change my mind, the URL is perfect.
Sorry, I didn't really understand the goal of the site.
woah. Yeah digital, the site and url are an extension of our youtube channel. It is called 2BCproductions. I am looking into changing the url to 2BC.com. short and sweet.

I understand where your coming from never having heard of us, but the site is an extension of our channel. Thats why it has the unusual name or one that doesn't appeal to the random person