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2 STYLE Questions

Hello Good Afternoon,
I was hoping someone could give me a hand with three styling issues I am having.

1) Is there some sort of code I can put into EXTRA.css that allows me to have the links on the breadcrumb, when hovered over, to show up as white on the orange background? When changing a style property earlier (the links one) all of the links turned orange which is fine until you hover over them.
(Screenshot Attached) scren1.png

2) Again an issue with Style Properties that I am unable to fix and could really do with some help. This is when you go to edit your profile nothing at all shows up (as links are white) when you hover over them it becomes black with the default blue here on xF. I would like to learn how to fix that.
(Screenshot Attached)

3) The third one is again to do with links. This one is when you go into a category node and there are actual forum posts - there is no link on the forum posts it comes up white.

I think the issues with the site are coming from the fact that I need some links orange, some white, and some when they are hovered over to turn black.

Please can someone help me rectify these asap it would be greatly appreciated.


Just so everyone knows when I change the setting in General: Link: the issues I had on the profile page and forums page rectify themselves (by turning black the color I put in) however the breadcrumbs then disappears.

So maybe if we could come up with a fix for the breadcrumbs everything else will be fine?


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Breadcrumbs have a Style Property - you can adjust the hover properties there via Item Content, Hover State.

The default colour can be set via Item Content.


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1st Question Ans: Add this to EXTRA.css

.breadcrumb .crust:hover a.crumb
background-color: #ffffff;
.breadcrumb .crust:hover .arrow span
border-left-color: #ffffff;
2nd Question Ans: You will need to change the color of links.

Navigation: Admin Panel -> Styles & Templates -> Styles -> Find Style and Select "Style Properties" -> General -> Link

3rd Question Ans: Same as above to fix link color.

Oh! Forgot there was "Item Container" like what Brogan suggested, :oops: