2 Question about SEO-Url´s


i have two questions about the Url´s:



Is it possible to remove the /threads/ folder to short URL like this:



I have a keyword domain let´s say cheap-deal.tld

The titles of my threads will be like: Keyword Cheap Deal

the url for this kind of threads will look like:


I would like not to have same keyword in my Url two times.

cheap-deal.tld/keyword.543/ would be great!

Is there possibilty to give an url manually by a thread?

If not, ist there a chance to say cheap and deal are stop-words and should not show up in the url´s of threads?

Thanks a lot. I think i will have some more questions in the next days. ;)


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Frankly speaking, the 'SEO' urls don't matter. I went crazy after them for a long time throughout my online career but found out that Google just throws random breadcrumbs at SEO enthusiasts so that they've something to talk about.

Go with XF SEO structure and you'll be fine.