XF 1.4 2 Question about CSS Problems


first sorry for my bad english but i hope, i can find help here. I dont know why Xenforo has 2 ", ," behind each user on Online List. Look at the ex. : http://puu.sh/duF3B/3e31f0ce91.png How can i fix this?

And the second think, i have made some Ribbons and there is still a little think how can i do it like the Picture:

I hope someone can help me out of my current situation ;)


Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
The extra comma might be a style problem. Try a default style to see if the problem still exists.

As for the ribbons... what code are you using and where? Did you follow some specific instructions that you can provide a link for? I am guessing you are using a block element like a div. An inline-block might be more appropriate.