Question about 2 Superb Awesome add-on(s)?


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I wonder what add-on create this awesome mod:

A. wantthis2.jpg it's the list of trophy badges under the user information (below username and title) in every thread. And the first one is "Twitter verified". I noticed that there is "facebook verified" too. I believe that the user who is twitter verified was sign up use Twitter and suddenly s/he got twitter verified badge and displayed below him/her username too. That is cool. Any known add-on provide this?

B. DigitalPoint's scheme when we're forced to sign up via Facebook (there is no ordinary sign up form, only via Facebook), and when we are successfully signed up, we got the fitst trophy: Internet Presence. This will be automatically posted in our facebook account, something like "I just received a new trophy in DigitalPoint: Internet Presence". That is cool! This mod makes the forum spread through social media. Does anyone know how to do this please? I want to try to mention the owner too @digitalpoint , perhaps I can get some luck to know the clue or just some word from him (regardless if he want to be here or not I really respect him), what a great strategy..

So is anyone interested in add-on A or B? Please write below and we discuss :D

Thank you very much for the help.