MG 2.1 2 Instances of Media Gallery


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Hey guys

Is it possible to have 2 instances of xenforo media gallery on one forum?

I want on the navigation at the top a flyer archive section and a featured video section. I want them to be 2 seperate parts not just under 'media' is this possible?



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You can make 2 tabs, but ultimately they will go into some form of /media URL (whether it be a category or album) as, even with 2 licenses (if possible), you can't have two instances of the same add on installed without a lot of re-writing of code.


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I put in the display condition $xf.visitor.canViewMedia() so that it will go away if someone doesn't have access to the category if they don't have access to viewing XFMG; I also put it in display order of 410 so it's right next to "Media" and put the link as /index.php?media/categories/example-category.1/ (not using friendly URLs on my dev), so I presume that (taken from this site) /media/categories/forum-showcase.2/ could be used as well.

The only downfall of this is that the "Media" tab will be selected when on a specific category still. It looks like you will need a template modification in order to have the "Example" tab open, unless that's not an issue, as it is apart of the "Media" (XFMG) tab.