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Two Instances of XFMG on Same Community?


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Is it permissible and is it doable to run two different instances of XFMG on the same forum?

For example, I was thinking I would dedicate one Media Gallery to photos and another to videos.

The current structure and layout of XFMG's frontpage doesn't lend it itself to a logical hierarchy of categories > albums > images, which is traditional to most galleries (which by the way is fine for XFMG to do its layout its own way), but I think it will make it hard to navigate if different types of media are jumbled together.


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At the moment it is not possible to have 2 instances of the MG.

Although i wouldn't say its impossible because you are able to have 2 instances of Resource Manager with the Addon that Jon created. I'm sure in the future someone will create an add-on for that to be possible. But for now. No you can't. I've thought about this too. It was be awesome to have 2 instances running.

But Mr Lucky is right.

Many others have agreed that the layout isnt very good and there has been suggestions to improve it. So we are all waiting for the suggestions to be implamented. I believe after the suggestions are added. Their wouln't really be a need to have 2 instances.

There is still lots of features missing from the MG. It still feels uncomplete. My current rating for it is 3 stars out of 5.
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I agree but I think the way to go is for more flexible version of the existing XMFG
Perhaps. That could be the way to go. (y)

I've read some other topics that suggest filtering by content types, which will definitely help with searching. Maybe it's because I'm so used to a top-down approach of starting with categories, then albums, then the content items, which offers a 'static' hierarchy that never changes to drill down to content that you want. The current choices of tabs such as "Most Recent" and "Most Rated are 'dynamic' in the sense that they're constantly changing, so it's not easy from an administrative or search perspective and it jumbles all the photos together from different albums and categories. It might, however, be good from a 'social' perspective of the ongoing dynamism of the gallery.

Maybe it's also how I structure my gallery. I set my categories by letter, so albums beginning with letter A, albums beginning with letter B, albums beginning with letter C, etc. The best and logical way to present the gallery is obviously alphabetically.

The way XFMG will present it, however, is whatever is most recently uploaded, which could be one big hodgepodge of images from albums from X, then F, then M, and then G etc.

I don't know, maybe I just need to play around with XFMG more.

Mr Lucky

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Many others have agreed that the layout isnt very good and there has been suggestions to improve it. So we are all waiting for the suggestions to be implamented.
I think this is an important suggestion as it would allow a lot more flexibility:


Probably a good idea to add something there and like the first post.

Albums in categories, categories in albums, albums in albums - all make for something more flexible.