2 Headers?


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You need to revert your template edits due to to the changes made from Beta 1 to 2.

Changes to the Header Template

The old 'header' template has been renamed 'logo_block', and has a <div id="logoBlock" /> wrapped around its contents.
There is a new 'header' template, which is included by the 'PAGE_CONTAINER' template, and includes 'logo_block', 'navigation' and 'search_bar'.

See this thread for more: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/beta2-issue-w-style.6862/
OK, I reverted the header template. Can you explain the next process? Not sure what to do in the changes to the header template.


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What edits did you make to your Beta 1 template?

Once you revert that will put your template back to default, then all you need to do is any edits you want to apply.
The issue with the logo has now been resolved so that can now be done from within the ACP.