As designed 2.2. beta 6 attachment resize

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2.2 beta 6


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I started testing beta 6. When I setup my test board I set thumbnail size to 100 from (150). My test post continues to show thumbs at 150 but the quality is poor so I'm sure they are actually 100 X 100. If I use the tool to resize the thumbs to 75 and check my post. the thumbs the quality is really bad but visually they are still at 150.

In conclusion I believe that the thumb display does not respect the actual thumb size. I've attached a screen shot of a thumb that should be 75 X 75


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This is a change in 2.2 but this is generally intentional. For non-embedded images, the thumbnail will always cover the attachment display area.

This is one of the reasons we now recommend at least 150px in that option.


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Hi and thanks for the quick reply. I think this is a really bad idea for a couple reasons off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are more.

1) Any site selling picture content will not like this. A thumb at 150 X 150 is giving the content away for free.
2) My site and others like mine have threads that may go back years and are still active. In my case a post in the threads can have up to 50 thumbs.
3) Why bother giving us the option to resize? You'll say because some sites want bigger thumbs. Well what us that don't? I switched to xenforo because of the way images were presented.