Photo Resizing since Beta 6


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Hi there!

Has something changed with the way photos are resized in posts for different browser resolutions since Beta 6?

I have a theme that worked perfectly with this, and since beta 6 doesn't resize the images.

All styling has been removed to test if it was that, and no templates have been touched, but the issue persists.

The base Xenforo skin works fine with the resizing, however as I said removing all the changes I have made doesn't resolve the issue, so I am thinking that something has changed and is now missing from my style.

Any help appreciated.


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Revert xenforo.css.

Thank you Mike, worked a treat :D

As it happens this was a custom skin, and *someone* not looking at anyone in particular >.> Must have changed xenforo.css after install.

All good that it's now fixed, and I thank you again kind sir!