Third party 1password cannot login


Hi, the password manager 1password cannot login to this forum, the login form is a bit "unusual".
Maybe that is for a reason but this is an invitation for a weak password if complicated long passwords cannot be managed.


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This may be a 1Password issue, I did report it to them and they seemed to suggest it was. It may be worth you reporting it to them though to see if they give any more specifics.

There are 2 workarounds to this.

  1. When you arrive at a XenForo site with the standard dropdown login (like here), don't open the dropdown, use the password autofill, then open the dropdown. You should see the username and password have been filled and you can now login
  2. Visit the login page directly at (so here it is and autofill will work correctly.
I have no problem using 1Password 6 to login on my Macbook.
I'm using 1Password 6 on Mac and have experienced this issue on all browsers. I've not tried recently to see if it's corrected (will try later, on my phone now). The issue occurs when opening the login dropdown and then using autofill, it's not completing the password field, it seems to get confused with the new/existing user radio buttons and changes them instead. I've been using the first workaround to solve this.


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This definitely feels like a 1Password issue so reporting it to them would likely be best. I'm not sure what issues it has with the form or how they do their form filling. It could be that the form is hidden by default, though that's a very common pattern. I suppose it could be the radio button, but we do have the "yes" option enabled by default and the tab index goes directly from the name/email to the password field. But then it works on the full login page according to @Martok, so it doesn't seem to have a clear rhyme or reason.

Worth noting that I don't appear to have problems with LastPass here, so it seems like it could be specific to 1Password's fill methodology.


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@Mike I've just seen your response so I thought I'd test this again. This time, I was able to log in using the standard dropdown login without the workaround that I put in point 1 of my last post. I would assume that one of the recent updates of 1Password has fixed this issue.