1 Year on Xen


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We just hit 1 year on Xen and thought I'd share some stats for those who like that stuff. We came from SMF 1.1 so I can say from an admin/backend experience its been worth it there alone. We had regular server resource issues with SMF that we have been able to avoid with Xen.

In terms of user visits we are up over 17% to just under 5.5 million. We did drop about 10 million page views (13%) but a lot of that I think is because of the autopost compared to refresh needed to display new posts on SMF.

Now in terms of engagement with the actual users its been a huge success. In 1 year we hit 1 million likes after a slow start with the feature.


On top of that we've had about 2.5 million new posts in the year which is not a big change one way or the other from past years but any concern over losing activity was quickly alleviated.

It has been a good year and look forward to another good one, hopefully running on 1.2.


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We've seen a similar upward trend in likes at CycleChat (and far less +1 posts (y) ):


On the Admin side I find XF a breeze to use and the inline modding tools mean I'm much more productive (my moderators like them too ;)).

I also can't think of a single member we lost during this migration and we've even had a few return and become active again after being given a heads-up about the new software.

Stability is great too and each update has been flawless so far (which is very reassuring when you're running a large/high traffic forum).

Yup, XF has been a good move for us. (y)

Shaun :D