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1.4.5 - Getting 404 errors on all nodes

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I am using the license that my friend bough for me, so I can't post this in troubleshooting unfortunately.

I have recently set up my XenForo website using a license that ran out of support in 2013, and everything was working, however, I couldn't have been more wrong.

I installed the software, and set up the style and the nodes, along with installing Icewind Clone Node, and that all looks fine, on the home page.

Whenever I or any other user tries to navigation around any of the other pages, it brings up a 404 error page like the one in this screenshot: Gyazo - 16a17328fc3f5b7acba7c46fab69ab72.png

Just to point out, I have recently adjusted my DNS to point to my webserver, but I can access everything like the Admin CP, however, these things just don't seem to work. I guess it could be a propergation incompletion issue, however, I would have thought that this wouldn't be a problem after having left the domain to propergate for 24 hours.

This is a tremendous issue, as I have bought XenPorta, and tried to install it, but received the same kind of errors, so I did a clean install of XenForo, but I don't want to loose al of my hard work now that I've finished everything!

If anybody could help, that would be very much appreciated - my website can be found at www.FactoryLife.co.

Kind Regards,

Joshua Quinlan
Network Director, FactoryLife Network
Not open for further replies.