Lack of interest [1.2] Subforum Grid % value field

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Hope I explain this correctly but suggesting for a field to be added to Style Properties >> Forum / Node List where a user can specify a percentage value so the spacing of the subforumlist li width can be adjusted easily (it's easily adjusted via extra.css) but I think it would be nice to add to SP.

Probably best and I suggest adding it under Show sub-forums popup

I know we can do this via EXTRA.CSS but thought i'd throw this one out and suggest adding it to style properties. (liking the sub forum grid implementation alot btw) @Mike amazing work. :)

.node .subForumList li {
float: left;
margin: 2px 0 2px 2%;
width: 31%;

Edit: I made a separate sub forum suggestion but feel free to merge this in if it's deemed related.

Edit: Back again. Possibly add a container around the subforums (grid) style it rather though I suppose this is easy enough for users to do.

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Any demo on how subforums show on 1.2?

it's on my test server but i'll gladly pc you the link if that helps? though i've modded it a little as seen in the screenies

Imagine the subforums without the indicators and they are display with a value of 31% which means the 4th subforum would break onto a new line. Plus the container and background is an alteration i made which isn't present in the default but edited my post to suggest adding something like this in.