1.2: Hidden Staff and Ignore Lists


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So, here's a situation that I think is one that may be quite confusing to users:

Currently, in v1.1, you are unable to ignore staff members. Now that v1.2 has hidden staff members, how is this handled. Can hidden staff members be ignored? Or are they treated as staff and the ignore possibility still possible, leading to confusing functionality for users... I'm even confused thinking about that.

OK, lets try that again:

1.1 and 1.2: I'm unable to ignore @Brogan since he's staff.
1.2: Say I am hidden staff (I'm not, just an example), will a member be able to ignore me as I appear to be a normal user, or will I be treated as staff in the system and cannot be ignored. (which leads to somewhat confusing functionality)


in memoriam 1991-2020
That's what I was hoping to hear. (y) It was a random thought that popped in. So glad that you guys pay so much attention to the details of everything, that situations like this are thought of and handled well before they come up.


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Could a option be considered that lower level can't hide from higher level? Like for example, no staff can hide from a super admin.

Staff can't hide from them, they have access to their permissions :eek:

Unless you're referring to visual indication?