Fixed [1.1] Design broken in Server Error Logs viewer

Andy Huang

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Attached is the problem in action, note especially that "Details" link does not fill up the region properly.
Nothing critical, purely visual glitch, so nothing needs to be done in a hurry. My guess (haven't actually even looked at the source yet), in fact, is probably just missing a CSS class.


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Which specific part is the problem?
The time and date wrapping, or the "Details" column?

If it's the latter, that has been raised before with regards to other ACP items (e.g. smilies) and was marked as not a bug/won't fix.
He is talking that the background of the "Details" column is filled for 1/3th only. The whole column should be lightblue with a border.


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Yeah, it's mostly the way that code is set to be styled. I'm not particularly happy with it, but it's obviously not a priority either.


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I might be thinking about this too simplistic, but I don't see the difficulty in just changing the height (of the "Edit" or "Details" column) to 99% :p
I'm sorry if it involves more code then that :S