Fixed 1.1 b2 - iPhone - Alerts tab now needs two taps instead of one to open


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It says 1 Log in the top debug bar, and when you tap it shows a truncated URL entitled:

JavaScript: Log on Line 606

I assume then, that this is not a specific error?


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Yeah, if it's just a log, it's an informational message logged to the console... I guess at least you narrowed out the possibility of it being a JS error for you. But strange that I don't see the issue with iOS5 on an iPhone *or* iPad (always works with 1 click for me).

Steve F

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Just happened for me on iPad iOS5

First time I had seen it though on either iPhone4 or iPad. The loading icon was active then stopped and the Alerts tab was highlighted but no drop down until the 2nd click..

I have debug on now to see if I can maybe catch an error


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I actually caught it doing it once for me as well yesterday. It was a time that I didn't have any alerts and I saw the same thing, click it and the tab highlighted with the normal blue and saw the AJAX graphic in the upper right. When the AJAX graphic disappeared, nothing happened with the alert menu (although the tab stays blue).

I have a feeling it might be a timing issue, which is why you only see it once in awhile. iOS has no way to know if you are "hovering" above an element until you click the screen. So the click is firing both the hover AND click events. I haven't dug into the XF code, but maybe the click event is canceling the hover event... and if that's the case, maybe it's choking if the first AJAX request made isn't returned until after the second one is? Just a theory anyway...


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Yeah, I wondered it it wasn't somehow triggering the event to open and close somehow so fast that it appeared it needed two clicks to open when it was really happening, just too fast, and the second click re-opened it? I might be confused on how the alert notification opens, though.