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  1. K

    Lack of interest Future Features for Tags

    I began wondering about the current state and the future of content tagging because there is at least one common feature, tags on thread list, missing completely. Are there any plans to add this officially? It's a feature that I am sorely lacking. One topic offered some custom code, but...
  2. Pinn

    XF 2.0 Tags Cloud in Sidebar

    I need Tags Cloud in Sidebar, who give a resource?
  3. tommy2014

    [XF2] Adding Tag Cloud Widget

    Hello, I saw the list of widgets and how awesome it is displaying in the new XF2 version. However, i would suggest to have a Tag Cloud Widget which will be able to choose the display position as same as other widgets as a standard one in XF2. Did you ever consider this? :) Thanks!
  4. Optic

    Unmaintained Evenly space your Tag Cloud using justify!

    By default the Tag Cloud is displayed using inline-block. This is quite good, however it does leave gaps on the right on each line. This is most evident if you have a mix of long and short tags as shown below: You can make it more pretty by using text-align: justify, the result is: To...
  5. sami simo

    Add-on Categories for tags

    Im interessted in a script that enable admins to define groups or categories for tags. example: Color: Bed, Blue, Breen Cars : Renault, Mercedes, Ford User can select a category, and then a tag. Threads should display those tags ordered by their categories. example: Cars: Ford Color: red I...
  6. erich37

    Dedicated Tags Page / Tags per Forum / Trending Tags

    Usually "Tag Clouds" look like this: Search Tags | XenForo Community However, these different sizes of letters (small-size words, big-size words) in a "Tag Cloud" do not provide much help to the user or any other valuable input. Suggestion: - Dedicated Tags Page - Tags per Forum - Trending...
  7. erich37

    Show "Tag Cloud" at Forum Home & for each Forum-Node

    Suggestion: Show "Tag Cloud" at Forum Home & for each Forum-Node Example: at the bottom of this website: http://weheartit.com
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