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  1. Mr Lucky

    XF 1.5 Why doesn't this template modification work?

    I want to replace the default phrase here (can't do it in phrases as I only want it in this one position) However it doesn't seem to work, ie the default phrase remains. Find: <a href="{xen:link account/alerts}" rel="Menu" class="navLink NoPopupGadget">{xen:phrase alerts} Replace: <a...
  2. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Keyword Replace 1.0.3b

    [TH] Keyword Replace - Set replacement rules for user-generated text Description This add-on allows admins to set specified keywords to be replaced on the forum. Features Similar to built-in censorship function Define keywords or phrases to be replaced Replace keywords or phrases...
  3. Jake B.

    Beta Search & Replace in Phrases 1.0.0

    NOTE: It is very easy for something to go wrong while using this add-on, so it is very highly recommended that you do not run it on a live site, but do it on a development board then export the language. It is also not recommended to use this on very common words as it will likely time out...
  4. semprot

    Unmaintained Mass Replacement of Thread Title

    This tips requires SQL query execution. So for safety reason, you are advised to backup your database before doing this. To remove some words from thread titles, and the threads are within certain nodes, you can run this SQL query from phpmyadmin : Example : Replace "viagra" into "medicine"...
  5. au lait

    Keyword Management (Keyword Replace) 1.14

    Info: Please review this add-on, if you like it. This helps other people to decide. With this addon the admins have the opportunity to set links for individual words, with many options for a single word, to strengthen internal linking. You can also set tooltips for description or explanations...
  6. Sheldon

    Replace TaigaChat Icons With Font Awesome

    Sheldon submitted a new resource: Replace TaigaChat Icons With Font Awesome - The others are so... MEH... Read more about this resource...