register form

  1. giffenk

    Fixed Sporadic Registration rejection due to startTime check in RegisterForm

    We are getting a large number of registration failures (upto 40% failure rate) being reported on a new system where a small set of users have been invited to join. One of the symptoms is the user completes the registration form correctly and then gets presented with a blank registration form...
  2. Sam96

    XF 2.0 How can I access the value of Username for custom user field validation on registration page.

    I'm using the following method to validate the custom user field. However, for my situation, I need to access the Username that the user typed into the registration form to determine if the custom user field...
  3. T

    XF 2.0 Edit birthday fields on register Page to one field?

    Hey :) At this moment I'm working on the register design. Now i came up to the point that i wanted to change the birthday fields to one field. Normally the birthday register field is looking like this: But I want that the "Date of Birth" field looks like this: Normally it isn't very hard to...
  4. T

    XF 2.0 How can I copy the register_form into a other page? + Custom Thread Field with img?

    Hey, guys, I've been working very hard on my forum lately, so I have a few questions to answer. The first question: I am currently trying to display the content of register_form on a different page. (So that people can register on another page where they also have their login). So I simply tried...
  5. dondomainer

    XF 1.5 Is just me or do you have register/register in register_form?

    I found this in register_form <form action="{xen:link 'register/register'}" method="post" class="xenForm AutoValidator" data-fieldValidatorUrl="{xen:link register/validate-field}" data-normalSubmit="1" > I ask because i have never touched this template until now and I do not think this...