private conversation

  1. Pawn Studios

    Fixed Can't Start a Conversation With a Single Character Username

    The input box for conversations requires 2 or more characters to start a user lookup. If you type a single character username in, the field will also remove your input. The field should attempt verifying if the username is correct before removing it. Optionally, if someone inputs a single...
  2. mazzly

    Browser issue [ServiceWorker?] Network protocol violation on private message on XF Community

    I sent a PM yesterday. Directly after sending it I got a "network error". I didn't think much more of it at the time... Today I got a response to that conversation, and I can't open it? :D Tried with 2 different computers on both FF and Chrome: FF error looks like: Cheers!
  3. Neutral Singh

    Lack of interest Alert popup in the middle of the screen especially for conversations...

    Would love to see an option to show a pop-up alert in the middle of the screen whenever there is a admin/member to member conversation message exchanged... Especially, when a member logins the next time... Something like this...
  4. Stuart Wright

    Alert - an influx of private message spammers

    We've been hit over the last couple of weeks by over 300 registrations who send a single private message to a member inviting them to visit a link to fill a survey or enter a promotion. I haven't clicked it, so I don't know where it goes. There are some attributes of the...