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  1. Vekseid

    Questions about the MyBB Importer

    I am looking to move my smaller forum, a MyBB installation (~2 million posts, ~20 million private messages) over to XenForo 2 sometime after its release. - Does the importer copy over the 'built in' MyBB profile fields like the Personal Notepad into XenForo's own field system? - Does the...
  2. Mete Turan

    XF 1.5 Penalty system like Mybb

    Xenforo is beautiful. But there is a minus. Member penalty system is bad. It would be great if the penal system would be like Mybb. Me and my friends take this very seriously. Xenforo developers, please consider this. There are a lot of people who think like me.
  3. S

    Question about XenForo theme

    Hello, I have not bought XenForo, so thats why I am posting my question here. Am I allowed to make a Mybb theme that mimics the appereance of the default XenForo theme, if I put in the footer 'Theme inspirered By XenForo' that redirects to the XenForo website if you click on it? Thank you...