1. AppleAndMango

    CentOS vs Ubuntu Kernel

    Which receive kernel updates less frequently? I login to my Ubuntu VPS every other week and notice it asks to be rebooted, does CentOS receive as many kernel updates as Ubuntu?
  2. Chris Goldsmith

    Permissions questions on install

    I currently host a phpbb3.1x forum on my Linux server config with very restrictive permissions - I saw in the install notes where it says to set to 2 directories to 0777 - this is world writable and HIGHLY INSECURE. Is this actually required or is it just a line in the documentation to prevent...
  3. grahamperrin

    Browser issue JS error when posting (Flash uploader related)

    From Tested beyond XenForo at MacRumors Forums: the staleness of content from XenForo Community is evident with Firefox in safe mode. Summary observations, from test results...