Permissions questions on install

Chris Goldsmith

New member
I currently host a phpbb3.1x forum on my Linux server config with very restrictive permissions - I saw in the install notes where it says to set to 2 directories to 0777 - this is world writable and HIGHLY INSECURE. Is this actually required or is it just a line in the documentation to prevent permissions issue from people who do not know how to grant least privilege


XenForo moderator
Staff member
0777 isn't strictly required but we specify that as it's easier to do so when there are misconfigured servers.

As long as the webserver can write to the directories, that's all that's required - you can likely use 0755.

Chris Goldsmith

New member
that is good to hear because if 777 were required I would have advised against the purchase- having explained to customers /users the concept of permissions I understand why you suggest that but still feel it is a VERY bad default suggestion

Tracy Perry

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his is world writable and HIGHLY INSECURE.
Depends on your situation/setup. I have mine as 664/775 due to having a different user account that I use to modify with. I could leave it as 644/755 if I wanted, but then would have to run a CHOWN recursively on the directories each time I made a modification.