1. V

    Likes You've Given

    Valhalla submitted a new resource: Likes You've Given - View the likes you have given to other users and their content. Read more about this resource...
  2. Trevor

    Lack of interest Likes need pagination

    When a user likes someone's content, and clicks on "other who have liked" the same thing as you, you will see an endless list. This puts some strain on the clients browser. The solution is to paginate this. For example: Needs to be paginated to...

    Encourage 'like' button use by creating a trend page for 'liked' posts/threads

    Please like this post if you approve. While reading through another thread where members began to post 'me too' '+1' and I saw Kier's post, which stated "Or there's the Like button, whose purpose is partly to avoid +1 and 'me too' posts..." That got me thinking. It would be cool to see a...
  4. Jonathan

    [Suggestion] Like:Post Ratio?

    It'd give users a better idea rather than giving the no. of posts/likes. Put it somewhere discrete like in the profile though, it's not especially important. Just an idea.