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  1. A

    XF 1.5 ERROR " Enter a message with no more than 0 characters"

    i try to post anything on my forum , and when i click on post thread , that give me the next error : It happened the following error: Please enter a message with no more than 0 characters. Help me plis
  2. R

    How can I use unicode characters in phrases?

    Every time when I save a phrase with an unicode smiley and I view it the next time the special unicode character is gone. So (how) can I insert unicode characters into phrases?
  3. P

    Lack of interest On media page, Description of 300 characters below Title

    On the main media page showing all the images, it should have below details: Below the title of image, we should have option to display description of some 300 characters. So that it will be useful for users to read the partial details of the image before clicking it. And should have "Read...