1. Sal Collaziano

    XF 2.2 What could cause an attachment thumbnail to be broken?

    There was a change to an Apache setting on my server and I had to fix a few issues - but I'm stuck on this. It's only an issue with attachments since the change. All old attachment thumbnails are displaying. And to note, even with the attachments that have broken image thumbnails, clicking...
  2. C

    Xenforo Cookies broke üäö subpages

    Hello! I switched from apache to nginx. Good. I have the forum in the root and a /wiki. If I want to go to a wiki page with a üö or ä the ü get to a ü and so far so that I can't join the page. If I delete the cookies it works. But with apache it worked every time. Why XenForo Cookies do that...
  3. Fastline

    XF 2.0 Attachments/Image links are broken

    By default, when there's a reply to a conversation or a post, the mail is received, if the option is set. If the post or conversation has a attachment, it also shows "View attachment XXX". But it doesn't shows. The links are broken. * XXX refers to the attachment number in the forum. I'm using...
  4. S

    Third party Broke website

    Hello guys. Just tried to install xenforo 2.0 and this is the look of it: Why is my forum like that? Don't understand.
  5. S

    XF 1.5 Help, my email confirmation doesn't work

    I have How do I get my email confirmations to work? They never have worked so I just disabled them.
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