[XI] License Validation

Unmaintained [XI] License Validation 1.0.3

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A very important and essential add-on for confirming licensed customer status. It allows for promoting validated users to a defined user group, making it easy to assign permissions and control access.
Works great! We're now using this on TAZ to identify XF licensees for additional user markup and limit access to Resource Manager downloads relating to XenForo.
This is very helpful, thank you :)
Just installed this @ExtraLicense.com
This way Scammers shouldn't be able to fake licenses anymore as simple as before.

Nice addon!
very nice and useful add-on
Excellent work. Thank you for sharing this with us KK.
Very useful! Thank you, KK!
Excellent! Thank you for sharing ;)
Another excellent resource, nice job KK.
Excellent - as to be expected from KK :)
exactly what I was looking for. Something super simple and easy for users to understand.
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