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[XFA] Medias Contest 2.0.1

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  2. 1.5
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Xen Factory is bringing you a new complete application for XenForo: Medias Contest.

Our Medias Contest add-on will let you and/or your users organize contests without the need for an entire gallery.

Contests are organized by categories and you have the possibility to configure them with a whole set of options going up to having them recurrent.

Key Features
  • Categories - Unlimited categories
  • Sorting options - Contests in categories can be sorted in different orders
  • Contest - Unlimited creation of contests based on usergroup permissions.
  • Completely configurable - Many options when creating a contest:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Rules
    • Disclaimer
    • Category
    • Date Start
    • Number Days for Submit
    • Number Days for Vote
    • Merge submission and vote period
    • Winners number
    • Entries number
    • Pictures number
    • Votes number
    • Activate this contest
    • Open this contest
  • Recurrence - Contests can be created to be reccurent :
    • Recurrence (daily, weekly, monthly)
    • Recurring Period Start Date
    • Recurring Period End Date
  • Usergroup access to contest - You can configure usergroup permissions (primary one) to authorize specific usergroups to submit entries or vote in a contest.
  • Like to Vote - User with the permission can like medias to give their vote. Number of likes a user can give is configurable per contest.
  • Entry submission through attachments - Users with the permission can submit one or multiple images, depending on contest configuration.
  • Threads creation - The application can create threads (if configured to) for different kind of events: contest creation, entry submission, vote start and winner award.
  • Statistics - The statistics are automatically updated through a cron task and cached to limit server load.
  • Fully responsive - The layout used for Medias contest use a grid system providing clean responsive rendering of the contests.
    • Watched Categories - You can follow any categories being notified via email or alerts when a new contest is create.
    • Watched Contests : You can follow any contests being notified via email or alerts when a new entry is create, when contest is open to vote, when contest is end or contest is reopen
Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.
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Latest reviews

Amazing addon! Works very well, it's a must have to any community that want an image competition. Support are great and we will gonna have more features soon! Recommended!
This works great! Getting good engagement from my community with many sign ups to enter the competitions!
Great image competition add on, with very good features!
It will be a great add on to all image biased forums!
Needs some fixes on admin functionality and ease of use but a steal at $25!
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