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[XFA] Forum Logo 1.3.1

Allows you to customize a bit more your forums by adding logos

  1. XFA
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Unlimited - No renewal fees
    Visible Branding:
    • XenForo > 1.4.x

    Allows you to customize a bit more your forums by adding logos



    • Allowed Logo File Extensions
    • Maximum Logo Image Dimensions
    • Maximum Attachment File Size (KB)
    • Logo position:
      • To the right of title
      • To the left of title
    • Logo position in forum list
      • To the left of title
      • To the right of title
      • Bottom left of title
      • Bottom right of lastpost
    • New tab in forum node
    • Use xenforo attachment system
    • Can define target url for each logo
    • Forum list display logo
    • Display logo in thread New IN 1.2.0
    • Subforum list display logo
    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, sans-serif][/FONT]​
    Install/Uninstall instructions
    The readme is available HERE.


    1. Screenshot_2.png
    2. Screenshot_3.png
    3. Screenshot_1.png
    4. Screenshot_1.png
    5. Screenshot_2.png
    6. Screenshot_3.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. viper357
    Version: 1.2.0
    Good mods, good support, no issues whatsoever. Developers that are eager to help and take in suggestions. :)
  2. viper357
    Version: 1.1.0
    XFA always have great mods, with awesome customer support as well, never a problem asking for help, great support and add-ons. Thank You.
  3. sross
    Version: 1.1.0
    This is a great little addon for those who might want forum logo icons or some advertiser icons. Was exactly what I needed for a few of my top tier advertisers which have dedicated forums on my site. On a side note XFA recently did my bigboard migration from vbull to xenforo and countless code modfications/custom addons. These guys are the most professional and talented forum coders I've worked with.