[XFA] Extended Moderation and Banning

[XFA] Extended Moderation and Banning 3.4.3

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Just what the doctor ordered.
It was frustrating having (some) members abuse the restricted forums, by snooping and scooping information without participating. “Problem solved”. Now just moderate with a simple Ban, permanent or limited. (Add a message to Contact the Admen) This add-on covers a lot, easy to install, well designed and no conflicts with any other add-ons. Great Job Guys
Wow what can I say?
This is a seriously fantastic and well thought out add-on. In the click of a button, you have so many added moderator tools. With one so sought after option for me; temp banning from profiles and the gallery.

They have thought of everything in this, and get not only a moderators' bar, but on the overlay, member profiles..

If you take moderation seriously and making your mods' tasks easier, this is for you. And at 15 USD (give or take £10) you can't go wrong..

This is worth every penny & more. :)

Thank you Xen Factory and I look forward to buying more add-ons from you in the future.
Thanks for your review, don't hesitate to suggest any new moderation feature you would have in mind :)
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