XF2 [8WR] XenCarta 2 (Wiki) PRO

XF2 [8WR] XenCarta 2 (Wiki) PRO

No permission to buy ($30.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
BRANDING REMOVAL can be purchased HERE ($50)

This is a complete rewrite of my light-weight wiki for XenForo. XenCarta is not designed to be a full-fledged wiki, but instead designed to be small and eschew many of the features that contribute to the bloat of more traditional software. Because of this, it will run easier and more stream-lined with your forum.


Basic Features:
  • Create wiki pages using BbCode, HTML or PHP output buffers.
  • Caching system to reduce the time it takes to load templates.
  • Discussion pages built through forum threads.
  • Revision history and differential analysis.
  • Redirections from page to page.
  • Per-page permission masks for editing.
  • Automatic cross-page linking.
  • Automatic table of contents generation.
  • Full integration into XenForo's content handler system.
Upgrading from XF1:
  • After installing this addon, head to your admin control panel
  • Run the appropriate import procedure in Tools > Import Data
First release
Last update
3.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates


    Fixed an overload error when editing pages imported from the XF1 version.

    Fixed a potential XSS error in bbCode. Fixed an issue that could produce an error on new cache...

    I forgot to build the JS files into the install package. This has been resolved. Username...

Latest reviews

Products is good, had to knock down the rating because you have to do some edits yourself but should be optional for alignment. pictures are c onstantly lost, so have to upload via ftp. do not trust the wiki to handle the pictures.