XF2 [8WR] XenCarta 2 (Wiki) PRO

XF2 [8WR] XenCarta 2 (Wiki) PRO

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Reviews 3.67 star(s) 10 reviews

Very happy with the Wiki. The functionality is great and was perfect for our community (also a gaming community, so the design behind it was very similar to what we needed).
Very poor communication. The author dose not seem to care about what users ask in the discussion thread.
I wasn't ever able to get the wiki to work. There's no text documentation, and only a video doc that doesn't explain much of anything. I'm sure those who have used a wiki before may understand it, but to assume someone knows how to use a wiki isn't good business practice and if you read the comments a lot of people feel the same way.
This is exactly what I was looking for! A simple, yet powerful wiki for my community. The only thing that threw me off is template names must be all lowercase to work, but I found the answer to this in the discussion thread.
Great software and it has improved so much! Thanks jaxal, please simply add a drop down for left for the index; would save many users time (it doesn't look right centered)
Great! Only 2 very small bugs found thus far

BBCode bug. This might not be this addons fault, but it includes adding an image to a Wiki thread. It's totally fine when you first add an image to a thread, however, going back to edit that post, it replaces the images with [IMG] tags and does not fix unless you hit the "Toggle BB Code" icon twice. If you do not click the icon twice, it resets the image sizes when you next save the page.

The second problem I encountered is that I can not have a sub-category within a sub-category. Again, this could just be a me-bug, but it's definitely a problem that I am having.
There is an option in the admin CP for sub-depth.
My rating is based on support and documentation. As I have paid for this add on and can't seem to get any support on the issue of Branding removal. The developer takes your hard earned cash but fails to give the support you request.
You've posted exactly ZERO times in this thread...
Great as is, but hopefully it continues to mature. Really solid add-on. If you have content that fits well in a wiki, you should get this. Very simple to set up, and integrates as if it were an official add-on.
works awesome as per usual. Had the 1.x version as well. and actually used it for a lot of stuff! I would like to see the BBcodes added or released that you use for you character info for your wiki. anyway thanks for the awesome piece of software!
You can look at our templates here: https://8wayrun.com/wiki/special/templates/
Jaxal worked to resolve a code issue. Wiki is great! Thanks for making this awesome product! 5 STARS!
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