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Unmaintained XF2.2 Default Styles (FREE) - No Template edits! 2.2.x

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This was just a default dark style thread. But i decided to give some other style colors a crack. I am sure i would have missed something i forgot to do with-in these styles! But these are FREE to download and use with Zero Template Edits.

Unfortunately i did have to add some tiny Extra.less Template codes. Just for post link colors, and Bookmarks search color text font. But these tiny codes are optional to use and are added in the zip file. They are probably recommend though!

When you download the XF2-2-Default-Styles.zip, you will receive all styles XML files, and a Text file with each Themes Extra.less code. Example: If you install the Dark Style XML, there will be a XF2.2 Dark style txt file with the matching styles code. If you wish to add the optional styles code, just copy and paste the code from the Text file and paste to your styles Extra.less Template.

I will release a few more style colors soon if these ones are actually OK! Enjoy.

P.S. All styles are for Xenforo Version 2.2.x. But, the old XF2.1 dark style is also in the .zip for download.
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  • XF2-2-Blue-Default.webp
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  • XF2-2-Dark-Default.webp
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  • XF2-2-Green-Default.webp
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  • XF2-2-Grey-Default.webp
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  • XF2-2-Teal-Default.webp
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Latest reviews

This style resource was easy to install in the styles menu, I was able to customize it to my liking, and it looks great.
I really appreciate you sharing these styles for free. I know it might not mean a lot to you but I’m really happy with what you’ve worked to share with us all. Thank you!!!
Ah awesome mate, great to hear. Thank you for your great positive feedback :)
Great theme. I was using it on XF 2.1 and it works great. Made a couple of personalizations for the link colors, but other than that, no issues! I love the fact it was just a simple .XML import making it extremely lite. Thanks!
Hey, Thank You so much for your review, much appreciated.
I can confirm that the theme works well in xf Beta 2 with no known issues. We appreciate you sharing your hard work!
Thanks mate, that is great to hear. Cheers for your review.
Very nice. This is exactly what we were looking for. Required zero customization, just a nice, clean, dark version of the default style.
Thank you for your review mate cheers.
Nice and clean .. looks great, works great. And it's free! Easily customised via Styles, although would be super-awesome if users could choose their own text-colour, maybe something for the future?
Hey, that mite be a bit tricky to do and try to keep the theme completely default at the same time. But small improvements can be made. Thank you.
Exactly what i was looking for, excellent default Dark Theme for XF2, many thanks for making this !!
You're welcome KyroOW, thanks mate.
Great theme to start working on your own dark theme. Needs a little bit of work on some minoor details otherwise would be perfect.
Thanks for the feed back mate, i will have CSS fixes for anything missing soon.
Thank you Jordyn, simple but beautiful theme that really should be included in XF by default. Great job.
Thanks heaps pingu, i agree haha.
This is a beautiful rendition of the default style done in dark colors. It's so much easier to use than a theme change because it doesn't change the default layout nor any of the templates. Everything just works, but darker!
Thanks for your great feedback tomwood.
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