xenforo dark theme

  1. Lim10Atadev

    Unmaintained Lim10Ata XenTurk Dark Theme 1

    Theme Designer: Lim10Ata Theme Version: 2.2.x Description: For this free xenforo 2.2.x meeting, I also shared the fully compatible online daytime theme for free.. Bkz. Lim10Ata XenUniverse Gündüz Teması
  2. hirowatch

    Unmaintained Discord Theme 1.01

    Theme with Discord colors. The colors are taken from here https://discord.com/branding
  3. Jordyn

    Unmaintained XF2.2 Default Styles (FREE) - No Template edits! 2.2.x

    This was just a default dark style thread. But i decided to give some other style colors a crack. I am sure i would have missed something i forgot to do with-in these styles! But these are FREE to download and use with Zero Template Edits. Unfortunately i did have to add some tiny Extra.less...
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