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Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful plugin. Also, thank you for continuing to make improvement.
Very good plugin. It's complete, easy to use, original, free and it's compatible with xenforo 1.4.x.
Fantastic thank you saved me some capital
Really AWESOME. Btw, there should be a short explanation on how to use, because it's not self explaining. But I find out ;-)

I made a translation to German in my board (V1.3.2).

Whoever wants to have it, can send me a message here. But - because I am new to xenForo - I need instructions where to find or how to extract those phrases :D
This is what i needed
great and love it
Great Addon and its free and developed. What else do we need ;) Thanks a lot for it
Really great plugin. I have installed it 3 months ago (sorry, forgot to rate) and it's working nicely. Love it.
Exactly what I need! Very easy to use, and user friendly. Helps out so much, and works like a charm!
An original, outstanding, free resources, which offers everything you would ever need in a trading system.
Good start, but listings and all features should be on 1 page on the main xentrader navtab with an easy to find leave feedback button. That would make me give it 5 stars!
This is something we discussed recently, to be included in the next release.