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No permission to buy ($30.00)
Hey all.

We upgraded XenSplash and that is putting it modestly.

The skin was completely rewritten on the UI.X platform. The images were re-optimized and redesigned. Almost all the features UI.X has, so does this theme. That includes but is not limited to:

  • Fluid/Fixed width support
  • Side by side nodes
  • Collapsible category nodes
  • Rounded avatars
  • Fixed Navigation
  • Completely responsive
  • Social Media Icons
  • Pure control on border radius, fonts, and more
  • And many more features

If you owned a license in the past, you can get this now for $25. If there is any confusion, feel free to message me!

XenSplash updated to latest version.
Upgraded to 1.1.3.
Hey everyone, in this version I've made a few upgrades, nothing major other than the opera background issue has been fixed.

List of updates:
--Opera background fixed (found extra ' in CSS file that was causing it)
--.footer updated
--Updated threadlist with a nicer UI
--Changed the settings on overlay background color and opacity
--various minor CSS changes

Redownload from your customer area if you are an existing customer.