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Hello everyone,

Today we are releasing the best-yet UI.X version. I might've said that before, but I still mean it. We have completely rewritten the way the navigation is coded to allow for more and more possibilities with less and less code. We've introduced new features such as moving the logo to the navigation for super-modern design styles and also saving space. We've also built javascript functions that will allow you to move the position of elements anywhere in the page (without using Flexbox as that isn't supported by enough browsers yet).

We essentially recoded the header styling from scratch. We were unhappy with how XenForo handles the navigation styling, to their credit it is an amazing system as is but we wanted to improve it for high-end detailed designs and as it stood it just wasn't capable.

Major feature improvements:

-- Move visitorTabs (profile, alerts, inbox) to moderatorbar (now called userbar)
-- Toggle sidebar heading icons (as some people didn't want them)
-- Login handle to navigation (or userbar or just at the top like a default XenForo theme)
-- Toggle sticky/fixed navigation and or userbar so it affixes to the top of the browser
-- The functionality in the JS has been fully optimized to allow for very quick load -- lag should be a thing of the past to those who noticed it

We already have a huge list of new features planned as well!

Overally, we must emphasise how clean and organized this product is. You won't find this level of organization and feature density anywhere else! Please rate and review, we really appreciate all the support!

Hey all,

This theme has been updated to and also has major improvements that can be seen here: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/ui-x.2239/

No major specific changes to xenSplash but an update is necessary to be fully compatible with 1.3.

Hi all,

Please see the UI.X parent release topic for a full changelog on the parent UI.X.

This theme had all improvements and bug fixes that UI.X had.

Other than the upgrade, we made a few changes:

  • Color swatches code moved to a template
  • Color swatches icon added
  • Footer responsive code tweaked
  • Upgraded to latest Font Awesome version (should fix Firefox issues @yavuz)
  • Sticky thread style property
  • Text logo style property
  • Text logo icon style property
  • We hard coded various style properties that weren't working very well for reasons unknown to us, such as responsive content padding
  • Hard coded some values of white, such as in the moderator bar links and buttons (easier for customizing)
  • Center logo style property
  • Text-selection style property
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • And much more
License holders can download from Audentio Design customer area.