1. Amin Sabet

    Unmaintained Dark Default 2 1.00

    Child style of the default XenForo 2 style with inverted colors and hue adjustment like this: If you want to use it, unzip it and then import it as a child style of the default XenForo style like this: The results look like this: Hope it is useful for someone!
  2. MattiGB


    Full responsive Dark & Blue colors + custom plugin were you can change blue to other colors Xenforo 2.1 Nodes custom backgrounds in forum edit No-image nodes Custom footer editable in admin panel Custom Slider Announcements panel Sidebar options to set on left, right or turn off Background node...
  3. CyberAP

    Unmaintained Velour 1.2.2

    Velour, a gorgeous style in blue colors now is available for free! Features Full Responsive Design support; Default CSS templates remain untouched, all CSS is in velour.css template; 2 additional color schemes (red and brown). Screenshots Installation Extract 'velour' folder...
  4. Teascu Dorin

    Unmaintained xF Christmas Special 1.3.0

    Christmas Special - XenForo v1.5.x Style Works with: XenForo v1.5.x Preview: Install Instructions: 1. Buy the style and extract the archive content onto your computer. 2. Upload the "styles" folder into your forum root: (Like: 3. Import...
  5. CyberAP

    Unmaintained Charm 1.5.1

    Charm — an elegant and sleek skin. This is how XenForo should really look like. Now available for FREE. What you get A unique forum appearance Stand out from the crowd with an excellent design for your XenForo community. Fineness in every detail Patiently designed to have pixel-perfect...
  6. ThemeHouse

    UI.Flex Dark

    Based directly on the popular free Flexile product of ours, we decided to completely recode it on the UI.X Framework! It has everything the old Flexile had PLUS everything the immensely powerful UI.X framework has. Entirely mobile friendly and retina friendly it also comes with sticky sidebar...
  7. ThemeHouse


    One of the most modern themes you can get for XenForo, Intrinsic is absolutely gorgeous. We use modern, stroke icon fonts to really give a unique design perspective and there is more white space than usual so that you can really emphasize on the content of your community. No flashy graphics...
  8. Mike Creuzer

    Quark [Paid]

    Audentio submitted a new resource: Quark (version 1.0.0) - From the ashes Read more about this resource...
  9. ThemeHouse


    Quark is a one of a kind dark skin that is a step outside the box. Utilizing soft grays and charcoals, CSS3 animations, crisp lines and subtle effects, Quark is sure to be a fan favorite. Thank you! ThemeHouse
  10. ThemeHouse


    XenSplash is an exciting theme with an awesome background effect. The idea behind this theme was something minimal with pure XenForo modifications yet still highly customized. Since its original release a few months ago, I decided to perfect it and now it is ready. Thank you! ThemeHouse