XenForo-Turkiye SMS

Unmaintained XenForo-Turkiye SMS 1.0.0

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Q-1: Why this add-on is in *unmaintaned* status?
A-1: This add-on is written by us for using only in Turkey. Due to PayPal limitation in our country, we didn't add international sms providers. Also, this add-on was an paid add-on until now. We are sharing it as *free* now. Please look other questions and answers for detailed info.

Q-2: There are only 4 sms providers and they are working with only Turkish (0090) gsm numbers. Can you add another and international one?
A-2: It can be add but we won't add. Check Q-1 please.

Q-3: What can I do with this add-on?
A-3: You can download and use at your forum. Of course you need to edit some harcoded limitations and add your country's sms provider's api. You can add and edit for *personal use only*.

Q-4: What can *not* I do?
A-4: You can *not* share this add-on's original and edited versions in *any* platform. You can *not* share add-on's *any line* of codes. You can *not* use *any line* of codes in another project/add-on/area.

Q-5: Will you transfer this add-on's rights to another coder for developing it?
A-5: Yes, we are thinking about it and we are open to offers. You can start a conversation with me and my friend. We will check your profile. Sorry for this steps but we want to seperate thieves and coders.

Q-6: You said "some hardcoded limitations" in Q-3. Will you define them to us if I will continue to develop this add-on?
A-6: Of course we will. We will give you support for *any* subject on this add-on's coding or etc.

Q-7: Is there any branding?
A-7: Yes, this add-on has branding on footer area. Sorry but you can *not* remove it.

General Info: This add-on supports xF 1.2.x-1.5.x and xF 2.0.x versions. *All* questions and answers are valid for that two versions.
xF 1.x.x Resource Link:
xF 2.0.x Resource Link: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/xenforo-turkiye-sms.6487/