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Unmaintained XenForo License Validation 2.0.0

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This is a complete rewrite of the add-on, so any old bugs should no longer be present (they've probably been replaced with new bugs).

This new version is compatible with the old version - upgrade in the normal way, and values from the old database schema will import into the new one (and the old fields removed).

Note: The option format has changed. You must go into the options list for this add-on and set the applicable options ASAP.
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Fix bug that would allow the forced requirement of license details at registration to be bypassed by using third party social registration.
This update fixes many bugs related to registration API gathering, including password errors with this addon enabled.

This update fixes some bugs in the previous release.

Again, the option scheme has changed, so go into this addons options and click the save button as soon as possible after the update has processed.

This update only supports XF 1.4.0+

The options have changed. There will most likely be errors until you go into the options and click the save button.

This update fixes the registration for 1.4, and also fixes the bug where the admin's details would change when modifying a user.

This update also makes it more obvious to users when a transferable license is required (it doesn't save details if their license isn't transferable to begin with).
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It appears I forgot to upload some updates here. Please check the update history on XF Liam for more info about previous updates.

This is a maintainence release to fix a few small bugs and improve a few things.

The main change is that there is now an explanation on the registration api token field stating whether or not it is required.

Also, the user change log will not be filled from the cron (nothing will be entered from the cron).

The customer token, license valid and license token fields will also not be logged in the change log.

Please be aware these change log changes only apply to new entries.
The addon now checks the entered token to check if it can be a token, and also checks to see if the registration would be spamdenied before checking the token.

These changes should greatly reduce invalid requests to the API service.
This update allows you to specify that users can enter their license details at registration.

It also allows you to require that a valid license be specified at registration - if this option is enabled, a valid license must be specified or the registration won't go through.

This fixes a bug that caused a server error to be logged if an invalid token was entered.
This fixes issues during install, including possible query not being exectued issues.

It also provides nice names for the user change logs for the new fields.