[XenConcept] Login As User

[XenConcept] Login As User 2.1.1

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  • Fix a pagenav link
  • Fix order for logs
  • Fix version in addon.json


  • Fix error Deprecated: Required parameter $userLimit follows optional parameter $forceIncludeVisitor
  • Support XF.2.2
  • Corrected the spelling of the following phrases
    • xc_lau_following_placeholders_will_be_replaced_in_message_for_conversation
    • option_explain.xc_login_as_user_url_to_rever
  • Add new option revert to
    • This option allows you to be redirected with the link that you want once deconnected to the user.
  • Adding the editor for the reason and message of the conversation.
  • You can now send the conversation directly from the "login as user" form.


  • [Bug Fix] The "Login as user" button is not displayed in responsive mode.
  • [Bug Fix] When connecting to a user "b" then we revert to the user "a" the user style "b" is applied to the user "a"
  • [Bug Fix] When the user "a" to connect on the user "b" the wrong username is displayed (revert user "c" instead of user "a")
New release 2.0.9
  • [Bug fix] The "Login As User" button in the staff bar does not display with a some styles

Adding a new option Redirect To.

This option allows you to be redirected with the link that you want once connected to the user.

In options ACP:


In login as user form:

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  • Change phrase xc_login_as_user to xc_lau_login_as_user
  • Added a missing phrase: xc_login_as_user
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