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Hello everyone,

We have released 1.3.2 version of XenCentral Trading System with two fixes in iTrader importer and Trading Preferences link layout in User popup.

All licensed customers can download the update from Clients Area.

Thank you!
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Hello everyone,

This is a bug-fix release that fixes a bug in iTrader importer, and adds special message when user tries to use PM notification if the product is not configured properly with administrator username, who should send PM notifications.

All licensed customers can download the package from Downloads section.

Thank you!
Hello everyone,

We are happy to inform about the release of 1.3.0 version, that includes fixes and suggestions we have received from our customers recently. Here is a brief list of changes in this version:

1. More strict thread check when "Check Thread Starter" option is enabled. Previously was just checking that either rater or rated user has started the thread, now it will also ensure that the other party has replied in that thread (ideal for cases when users leave feedback for some service they have received via a thread).
2. Changed the interface for thread selection to automatically show list of threads directly instead of asking for URL and Find Thread link when the number of threads available is less than 10 (suggested here) .
3. Find Thread field is now auto-suggesting just after activation, so in most cases user will be able to find what they need just looking that list, without the need to remember thread title. Of course typing will narrow down the options to exact thread.
4. Changed the tab "Feedback left by {username}" to show the name of party, who received the feedback (suggested here).
5. Added two new options to disable Latest Activity functionality at all, and to define AJAX timeout for home page requests. As reported by @dbembibre , this feature causes extensive inserts upon MySQL database for large boards causing duplicate key errors or table locks. Duplicate key errors are fixed, table locks will not be reported or be visible to user any more.
6. Latest feedback block in home page will be populated on back-end now, instead of AJAX loading, to make latest feedback available for search engines. Of course it will further update the list of feedback via AJAX (using time interval mentioned above).
7. Fixed all references to JS/Image files to use style properties, making the product compatible with CDN configuration of the board.
8. Changed the default way of postbit statistics shown to use CSS markup instead of images (thanks to @dbembibre for the idea and the code). Product still has the old markup included, and it can be activated from Options page, under Appearance tab, the option "Legacy Postbit View".

All licensed customers can download the package from Clients Portal and apply the upgrade using general upgrade notes at http://forum.xencentral.com/threads/xencentral-product-installation-instructions.35/

Thank you!
Hello everyone,

Recently we got reports about the product not being compatible with multibyte characters in some cases of server setup (when database is not created with UTF-8 as default charset), and we have modified the installer to force UTF-8 for its tables. Also the importer will detect if the tables are in any other charset and will convert them. Conversion takes place only if table collations are not in UTF8, and will not affect boards that have correct setup already, or do not use special characters at all.

Please backup forum database (or partial backup of all tables starting with xc_trade) before importing the product. General upgrade notes can be found here - http://forum.xencentral.com/threads/xencentral-product-installation-instructions.35/

Thank you!
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Here is the next release of XenCentral Trading System - version 1.2.2. The changes introduced in this version:

Bug Fixes:
  • Users with no feedback had empty feedback data in postbit detailed section instead of 0
  • Feedback type filter was shown under flash graph in statistics page
UI Enhancements
  • Restructured trading profile page to use tabs for feedback received and feedback left by user
  • Added View More link for Feedback Received section to allow viewing of all feedback
  • Added detailed statistics in trading profile sidebar
  • Added statistics in conversations. Can be disabled from settings page, Appearance section
  • Added Last week/Last month/Last 6 months/Last 12 months/All Times shortcut links for Feedback Percentage Statistics section
  • Added table showing feedback totals in the same section
Functionality Enhancements
  • Implemented maximum feedback limit in predefined time interval. Can be configured in product settings page, Rating Configuration section
All licensed customers can download the latest package from our Customers Portal athttps://www.skydevelop.com/customers/Productrequires XenCentral Framework version 1.0.4 which is also available in your downloads area.

Thank you for your feedback and support.
Hello All!

We are happy to announce the next release of XenCentral Trading System - version 1.2.1. This release fixes some bugs and implements some UI/functionality enhancements. Here are the details of what has changed in this version:

Bug Fixes:
  • PHP Error while sending delayed email/PM notifications
  • Trading profile configuration did not allow to filter list by any parameter and required all parameters to be set
UI Enhancements
  • Tabbed Administration page interface. Now all settings are grouped under tabs for better accessibility.
  • If trading profile results are filtered (via URL or configuration link) a notification is shown on the top about it with link to see unfiltered results
  • Detailed statistics (positive/negative/neutral feedback) are shown in postbit. Can be disabled from Administration
Functionality Enhancements
  • Comments made optional. Two options are added to control this (require comment, hide comment form at all)
  • New administration settings to set default notification options for users.
All licensed customers can download the latest package from our Customers Portal athttps://www.skydevelop.com/customers/ . Product requires XenCentral Framework version 1.0.4 which is also available in your downloads area.