www.pijanitvor.com - Visual List for 63 Ad Locations (XenForo Hooks list)

Unmaintained www.pijanitvor.com - Visual List for 63 Ad Locations (XenForo Hooks list)

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I can't read the forum list image at all. It needs to be bigger somehow. When I zoom in so I can read it the text becomes unreadable.
You can download full images on this link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_-ETabHT-iAaDJrd3EtRVBYVFE/view

It is explained in description of this addon
Quite useful, thanks a lot for your help and time!
[let's see if this will take us to the requested hundered and fifty characters actually not yet now maybe oh yes!]
Super . thanks for this , very much needed |(our review must discuss the contents of the resource (quality, features, etc) and indicate that you have legitimately used/purchased the resource. Reviews which are not constructive may be removed without notice. A review is required.)
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