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www.pijanitvor.com - Visual List for 63 Ad Locations (XenForo Hooks list)

63 locations/hooks to insert ads into your XenForo

  1. Sunka
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    This is list and visual locations for 63 hooks that you can use for ads or something else.

    Screenshots are from my forum www.pijanitvor.com so you can see banner examples on live forum. My forum is on Xenforo 1.4.6 so maybe all listed hooks are not available in minor versions. Also, one hook...
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Recent Reviews

  1. cdub
    I can't read the forum list image at all. It needs to be bigger somehow. When I zoom in so I can read it the text becomes unreadable.
    1. Sunka
      Author's Response
  2. Newt
    Quite useful, thanks a lot for your help and time!
    [let's see if this will take us to the requested hundered and fifty characters actually not yet now maybe oh yes!]
  3. Anton_Bodryachkom
    Super . thanks for this , very much needed |(our review must discuss the contents of the resource (quality, features, etc) and indicate that you have legitimately used/purchased the resource. Reviews which are not constructive may be removed without notice. A review is required.)