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Unmaintained WordPress 3.x (Users Only) to XenForo 1.1

Imports WordPress users and password hases to XenForo

  1. Deek
    I'm proud to present my first pubic add-on, WordPress 3.x (Users Only) to XenForo. It has taken me longer than I wish but I've cleaned up my code and added a few new features from my initial iteration and I hope it can be useful for others out in the community.

    The plugin will first map WordPress roles to XenForo users groups so you can easily migrate a complex setup into XenForo.

    Screenshots of the plug-in

    This is an import only, not a bridge.

    Please feel free to ask questions or submit any bugs.

Recent Updates

  1. Custom User Roles

Recent Reviews

  1. faeronsayn
    Version: 1.1
    Does what it's suppose to do, without any problems.