Word Count Search

Word Count Search 2.7.0

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  • Remove debug code from installer
  • Installer now recommend upgrading Threadmarks if it older than v2.0.1
  • Compatibility fix for Threadmarks 2.0.1
  • Do not always record post word counts (fix bad logic)
  • Tweak word-count rounding (reports raw word-count when the word count is < 10, rather than rounding)
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  • Improve Threadmarks v2 support
    • Add thread word-count total to threadmark list
    • Support 'new threadmark widget'
  • Fix support for Threadmarks for XF2
    • Prevent threadmark summary cache data from including non-visible items
  • On install re-computes per-post word-counts
  • Support for Threadmarks for XF2
    • Word-count based thread filter when Threadmarks is installed
    • Integrate into Threadmarks to show per-content word-count
  • Display word-count in search results
  • Works with Collaborative Threads for XF2
  • Fix indexing threads without Threadmarks for XF2 (which is not yet finished)
  • Fix XFES support
  • Version bump to 2.0.x for XF2