Word Count Search

Word Count Search 2.7.0

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  • Require XF2.1+
  • Support Threadmarks Pro v2.6.0+ (still works with Threadmarks Pro v2.2.0+)
  • Fix word-counts not being injected into thread list due to an incorrect check
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  • Fix injecting word-counts into threadmark'ed content which doesn't support word counts
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  • Fix word-count on post with a threadmark added after the creation did not ensure a word-entry was stored
  • Fix word-count on thread entity was not always updating as expected
  • Add CLI commands to rebuild word-count for posts/threads
  • In threadmark list; Display per-category word-count in author stats, not the global word-count
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  • Minor tweak for Threadmark support; ensure word count is stored as an integer rather than a string to avoid weird mysql/php type handling.
  • Remove injecting a * if a word-count only search is done, instead enable Search Improvement's "allow empty search" option.
    • Fixes issue with MySQL search support
  • Improve compatibility with ElasticSearch Essentials
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Only show "Rebuild thread word-count" job if thread word-count is supported (aka Threadmarks is installed).
  • Rework back-end code to better isolate how threadmarks are used to populate a thread's word-count.
    • Allows easy replacement of how a thread's word-count is populated.
  • Fix "Invalid use of NULL value" with installer
  • Fix modified threads did not trigger search re-indexing on as expected